elite Slovenian courtesan, providing discreet, uninhibited companionship to elite professionals and high profile gentlemen who are seeking beauty, class, quality and simply the epitome of Girl Friend Experiences

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Ethics & Etiquette

Personal services :

I am a true believer that things should progress slowly and gently. I embrace the idea that passion is at its best when formed from the art of slow seduction. The sudden titillation of exchanging glances across the dinner table, stimulating conversation, a candlelit romantic atmosphere and mouthwatering cuisine. This all enhances and magnifies our encounter, adding to the sensual eroticism of the anticipation of what is to follow. It is in my nature to treat my special gentleman friend with respect and honor and in return I would expect the same. The service I provide is elegant and refined. I am not in this business to make fast money. I like to maintain regular liaisons with gentlemen of substance and style.

My clientele :

The gentlemen I cater for are businessmen in high powered positions, well established in their work place, sincere, honest and gentle. My gentlemens appreciate genuine taste and know how to treat a lady appropriately. I am highly impressed with men who take the time to read thoroughly through my website pages. These observant men are the lucky few who are rewarded and never fail to capture my full attention. I am only available to well-mannered and articulate professionals who are in Ljubljana and in need of some occasional company. I do not have encounters with men who take drugs for recreational purposes, I do not meet men who are into nightlife clubbing and I am certainly not impressed by heavy drinkers.

Bookings :

I prefer some advanced notice for bookings. I am currently pursuing other endeavors, so my time is as precious as yours, so it is best to book in advance to avoid disappointment. Advanced notice allows me the time to groom and prepare myself for our special date. By giving me this time you will reap the rewards. The perfect encounter cannot be hurried! But you my also call me at my mobile phone.

Your identity & security :

Your name and hotel/home details are required before any booking can be confirmed. I need this information for my own security as it is part of the screening process. The screening process is strictly for my safety. Let me assure you that all information remains discreet and confidential. Your information is promptly deleted after meeting and is never seen by anyone else. My service is discrete and guaranteed.

First contact :

Please be courteous, polite and discrete when calling or e-mailing. Please do not ask me questions such as 'How much?' or 'what services do you provide?'. I simply will not answer your inquiry as this sort of information is on my website. If you insist in trying to find out the details of my services then I am certainly not the girl for you. Please remember - I do not know anything about you but you already know so much about me. So it is a good idea for you to tell me a little about yourself, your interests, your age, your nationality, your favorite foods and your idea of an ideal date. This helps us form a positive initial introduction and helps break the ice. Remember first impressions count!

Gratuity :

My gratuity should be placed into an unsealed envelope before my arrival and handed to me within the first ten minutes of meeting. This is a necessity - I should NOT have to ask for the fee. Please do not discuss fees with me during our time together. My gratuity are non-negotiable. Discussion of this nature only creates an awkward atmosphere and can tarnish the remainder of our time together.

Please bear in mind - I will only stay for the time you have paid for. If our time is coming to an end and we are still intimately involved, I will offer you the chance to extend. If you do choose to extend then the fees should be settled at that time and once received we can then continue to enjoy our delightful encounter together.

Please note that I am a Successful and Professional Companion. Anything implied or inferred on my website is NOT to be taken as inducement for payment for anything other than time and companionship. The rates are strictly for my time as a professional escort companion and anything else that may occur is a matter of choice between two consenting adults.

Courtesan :

The common idea is that a courtesan was just that little bit more educated, regal, polite, stylish, character and integrity-filled, compassionate, physically beautiful and talented in her ability to not only bring pleasure, but make the gentleman feel he is really with a girlfriend, an intimate lover, someone who brings sexual healing, not a meaningless encounter. Even if she doesn't have a PhD, she is intelligent, a smart businesswoman, exposed to culture and current affairs, well traveled and world-wise. But in this day and age, it is so much more. A modern day courtesan encompasses a little more substance than her business-savvy predecessors.

A true “Courtesan” is someone who is more beautiful inside than she is outside, regardless of how beautiful she might be… She is often unaware of the extent of her outer beauty. She also chooses to be a pleasure provider and sexual healer, she is not someone who “has” to do things she does not enjoy. She derives unique pleasure from knowing she has made a positive difference in her gentleman's life. The donation received is simply the "cherry on top", she is not concerned with the money so much as the mutual joy and quality of pleasure that can be achieved. She is someone who is extremely vigilant in her care of herself. She understands her body is the housing for her beautiful soul, and deserves the very best treatment. She strives to make her appearance match the beauty within, rather than the other way around ...

She is careful to speak beautifully, both pronouncing well and addressing subjects tactfully, articulately expressing herself with a wide vocabulary, with little or no obscenities. She leaves obscenities for the occasional dirty talk in the bedroom. She carefully selects her clothing, preferring an understated, discreet, classic look, with sleek, smooth lines. She would never be called “tasteless” in her clothing, as she knows the difference between elegant & classy versus tasteless & trashy. Quality attire is graceful, fitted but not tight, in muted non-offensive shades. Patterns are kept simple and to a minimum, nothing loud or too many straps, which might draw public attention to her. A clear, immaculate, natural, wholesome image is her aim.

A Courtesan, ironically, is a rather moral woman, who sets her boundaries and cannot be “bought”! A Courtesan is a woman of integrity, intelligence and honesty. She is a woman of responsibility, and likes to do the “right thing” wherever possible. She is genuinely elite, a quality woman of high standards at all times. A woman like this has too much class to ever make anyone feel uncomfortable. She will be gracious and will be comfortable to converse politely with everyone from Diplomats & Celebrities to her local store owner & personal maid. She would never do anything to embarrass or hurt another individual for selfish, proud or greedy reasons. She is in fact, usually more concerned for others' comforts than her own, whilst maintaining her own healthy, humble level of self-respect and esteem.

Since the true Courtesan is of higher quality overall and her genuine affections and company are in demand, your contribution, will of course, be higher, but it is a token - a joke - to simply extract the genuinely successful, deserving gentlemen from the crowds of men who want her. Generally, the gentlemen who have achieved such financial success are those who have the charm and sophistication to match her own, and the knowledge of women to properly appreciate and thoroughly enjoy all the different entertainments of his chosen Courtesan.

There is a special connection and a emotional touch that occurs between the Courtesan and her chosen gentleman, they enhance each others' lives, and when they are together it is almost like Romeo and Juliet re-connecting, high school young-at-hearts stealing away together to experience a heightened romance. It is not a “service” situation so much as an affectionate human bond that is formed between them. A Courtesan’s client is rarely looking for an hour or two to enjoy company, service and intimacy. He is searching for that connection, needing to be refilled and enhanced emotionally.

An intelligent gentleman knows when a lady is happy, because her gentleman is kept very happy! A gentleman may often find himself falling for her, but needs to remember that this is an illusion, the fantasy of perfection! Courtesans are powerful women, and the generosity gentlemen contribute for company & emotional enhancement creates a highly charged sexual atmosphere. Let your inhibitions go and enjoy your Courtesan ...

A courtesan is a person paid and/or supported for the provision of social companionship and intimate liaisons to one or more partners. The word is generally reserved for those who enjoyed an elevation in social status as a result of providing such services. Although the term has been applied to people in several cultures in different historical periods, it is most applicable to those whom it originally described: the women of Renaissance Europe who held the socially recognized (if not quite socially accepted) position of well-compensated companions. Courtesans played an important role in those times, taking the place of wives at social functions because wives were often kept at home to prevent their "contamination" by the culture of the day. It should be noted that royal couples in earlier centuries often led very separate lives, commonly marrying only to ensure the continuation of royal bloodlines, or to secure political and/or social alliances. Although they would certainly have sexual relations with their spouse, this was generally for the purpose of reproduction rather than enjoyment. In these situations the husbands (if wealthy enough) would choose a courtesan, while the wives would often take a discreet lover also, but not for public display. There are also isolated cases of female courtesans providing services to female companions of wealth.

Why does high society females
work as courtesans?

I do not see it as work. I have always been adventures and experimental and I enjoy the companionship of refined men, that is why I do it. It gives me pleasure! I love to travel and enjoy domestic weekend engagements throughout the Europe. I am available for multiple hour dinner dates and day trips anywhere in Slovenia Longer invitations for Europe and international travel abroad will also be considered.

Anything is possible;


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